(W/A/CA) Rob Lisle aka Spedsy. Frederick Cheloni: the Turtle Detective takes centre stage and quickly becomes fully entrenched in The Devil’s Toilet universe. Mugs, Meatsack Jack, and The Devil’s Toilet himself also featureand welcome Fred with somewhat open arms.

Jack the Ripper stalks in the shadows. London’s EastEnd, 1888. Frederick Cheloni is called the scene of another gruesome murder… but this one is different.Scotland Yard’s greatest turtle detective uncovers a hellish mystery that brings him face to face with the ripper… and that’s just thebeginning of Fred’s journey. Enter Anika the Angel of Awesome. Dragging her brother – Meatsack Jack – with her, Anika comes seeking Frederick’s help. In the present day, a certain toilet has accidentally unleashed a demon plague upon the earth – so Anika has dipped into the past to recruit reinforcements.Frederick Cheloni may very well be the secret to stopping the apocalypse – twice.

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